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Westside Psychological Services to offer Therapeutic Summer Camps in July

Join Westside Psychological Services’ July summer camps to have fun, find support, and learn how to reduce anxiety and fear. There are two different therapeutic camps available based on grade:
  • July 18-22, 2022 | 9 a.m.-noon
    • Ages 8-12: Coping Cat
    • Ages 13-17: The C.A.T. Project
  • Group details:
    • Group 1: Entering 3rd-5th grade in fall 2022
    • Group 2: Entering 6th-8th grade in fall 2022
    • Group 3: Entering 9th-12th grade in fall 2022

Coping Cat and the C.A.T. Project are evidenced-based programs designed to help normalize the experience of anxiety for youth while developing skills to effectively address anxious thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Group members will participate in numerous activities that may include art, group discussions, games and experiential exercises to understand what anxiety is and how it develops, learn how to challenge fear-based self-talk and change anxious thinking (C.A.T.).
The camps are staffed by students in the Doctor of Psychology program at Roberts Wesleyan College under the supervision of licensed psychologists at Westside Psychological Services. To ensure that this group is appropriate for each youth, screening is required.
Cost is $199 per camp/individual. Register here, or call 585-594-6720 or email [email protected] with any questions.
Space is limited, so call or email today!

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