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Lockdown lifted at Watkins Glen school after ‘violent threat’ called in, hours long search by police

The Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office has provided an update on the threat in the Watkins Glen Central School District.

On Thursday around 12:52 p.m. a staff member from the Watkins Glen School District contacted a School Resource Officer reporting that the school had just received a violent threat by phone.

Officers immediately responded to the school and advised the Schuyler County Communication Center of the threat- requesting all available units in Schuyler County to assist.

Officers from the Watkins Glen PD arrived on scene and immediately entered the school and located any and all students inside the building. The school was placed in a hold in place and then shortly after a full lockdown.

Officers had all students and staff congregate in a safe location while officers moved through the building securing it. The officers did not leave the students until the building was deemed fully safe and released off campus.

A perimeter was quickly established by members of the Watkins Glen Police Department, Schuyler County Sheriffs Office and New York State Police, according to a news release.

After a search of the building that spanned hours- no threat was found. There were also no reported injuries in the incident.

The Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office thanked the Hammondsport Police Department, Steuben County Sheriffs Office, New York State Police, New York State Park Police, Schuyler County Emergency Management, the teachers and School Administration and the Watkins Glen Fire Department for their assistance throughout the incident.