File your tax return before June 30 to get a stimulus from Colorado

Americans are struggling to cover the cost of basic necessities.


That’s why Colorado governor recently approved $500 stimulus checks.

Stimulus checks and payments for Summer 2022

How the stimulus works

Colorado Governor Jared Polis recently signed a bill that would give eligible residents a $500 stimulus check. The money will likely arrive in August or September if your return is filed by June 30.

Polis recently signed Senate Bill 233, which will refund 85% of the state’s excess state revenue collected last year.

Individual taxpayers will see $500 checks and couples filing jointly will get one for $1,000. All taxpayers will get the same amount of money regardless of their income. About 3.1 million Colorado residents are eligible. However, they must be a full-time resident and file their 2021 state taxes by June 30.

If you can’t make the upcoming deadline, there is an extended deadline of October 17, 2022. But, if you wait to file you won’t get the check until January 2023.

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