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Waste Harmonics earns IoT Network Certification for iWaste Technology and OnePlus Fullness Monitor

Waste Harmonics, a national managed waste service provider, is proud to announce that its iWaste technology and OnePlus Fullness Monitor have earned IoT Network Certification, born out of the PTCRB Device Certification program to verify that devices follow the cellular-industry-developed requirements for global network connectivity.
IoT Network Certified is a custom certification program for cellular-enabled IoT devices crafted to meet the specific needs of the IoT community. It simplifies and streamlines the process of certifying an IoT device according to industry standards for excellence providing an efficient and affordable pathway for manufacturers.
“We’re committed to providing high-quality service and reliable technology to our customers,” Vice President of Technology Adam Darder said. “Earning IoT Network Certification supports that commitment and sets the gold standard for connected products.”

The program enables manufacturers whose designs incorporate a pre-certified wireless module to quickly and cost-effectively certify their IoT device using a process that takes advantage of the rigorous testing and certification already done on the module. IoT Network Certified’s website and certification portal also provide a simplified process for IoT device certification across the wireless ecosystem, and they are built to be used by vendors of all sizes.
“The wireless marketplace is rapidly changing, and customers seek and demand third-party verification of network compatibility,” Founder, President/CEO Michael Hess said. “We’re proud of this certification, and it’s another step in the right direction to bring new technology and products to the industry that customers can trust.”
Waste Harmonics provides a comprehensive outsourced waste management consolidation service for companies and corporations with up to 5,000 locations. As a managed waste service provider, Waste Harmonics works with diverse business clients across North America to deliver cost savings, consolidation of invoicing and communications, and recycling and sustainability strategies.

The company offers a wide variety of services with all types of equipment, including large and small container services, compactors, balers, construction services and recycling.