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Save cash on groceries during inflation

Inflation is only causing Americans to spend more cash on groceries each month, but there are ways to save.

grocery cart in an aisle where customers can save cash on groceries

Americans are depending on stimulus and UBI payments throughout the country just to get by.

Many people receive food stamps, but are unable to purchase enough food as prices rise but benefits stay the same.

Here are ways you can save cash when buying groceries as prices rise

Buying generic groceries where you can will save you money.

Name brand items may be necessary for some things in your home, but choosing generic when possible will save you.

Many generic items Americans prefer include canned foods, pasta, rice, butter and other staples for the kitchen.

Choosing stores like Aldi may help you as well.

Some stores are overall designed to save you more money.

If you use a Keurig, choosing reusable K-Cups will save you in the long run.

Energy Assistance: Support worth $180 can help save on utilities

As for produce, purchasing whatever is in season is going to be cheaper than whatever is out of season.

This means plan your meals around whatever produce is in season, and ultimately cheaper.

You could also buy your vegetables frozen, which is both cheaper and holds the same nutritional value as fresh produce.

If you can, buy in bulk.

Items that are on sale that you know you can save and use will save you money in the long run.

You could also take the time to look at your local store’s flyers, just to purchase items on sale.

You can then freeze many items, saving them for later on when you need them and they aren’t on sale.

If you can, use coupons.

Finally, if you have a grocery list, do not deviate from the list when shopping.

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