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Friends of the Three Bears welcome Operations Manager

The Ovid-based Friends of the Three Bears, who oversee the Seneca County Courthouse Complex in the village of Ovid, has hired Carol Anne Barsody as its first Operations Manager.

According to Three Bears trustee Lynne Doyle, who is the direct supervisor for the Operations Manager position, “We are confident that we are poised to compete at the highest level with the addition of Ms. Barsody to our staff.”

Carol Anne Barsody

The down-to-earth Ms. Barsody is the epitome of the American success story. She completes her master’s degree this coming Fall at Cornell, studying archaeology and museum studies; upon completion of her master’s she then hopes to be admitted at Cornell for a Ph.D. She credits her family for her aspirations and success.

Ms. Barsody researches integrated technology in museum settings. Her research asks the question, “Can we have exhibitions without artifacts and, if so, what would that mean for repatriation efforts and access to museum collections.” Her research is currently using an Egyptian mummified ibis as her case study, which has been featured in CNN, Smithsonian Magazine, Archaeology Magazine, and Nature.

In seeking the position at the Three Bears, Ms. Barsody said that among her goals is “to foster community and access through educational programs using technology.”

Carol Anne Barsody has previously been employed at the National Archive U.K and Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University as assistant to the Director, the Deputy Director, and the Director of Development.

The community can welcome Ms. Barsody at the Friends & Ovid Farmers’ Market Friday Concerts on the Lawn Series beginning Friday, June 24 with the performance of local bluegrass artists, The Notorious Stringbusters from 6-7:30pm.

For more information on the Friends of the Three Bears, and to see our upcoming events, please visit here or find us on Facebook as “Friends of the Three Bears.”