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CONCRETE JUNGLE: Some of the Best, Some of the Worst (podcast)

Baseball can be a strange game at times. In this edition of Concrete Jungle, Paul Russo and Kyle Evans break down the high-flying Yankees in the middle of a six-game win streak. These are pivotal games against the Rays and the Blue Jays await this weekend. Paul and Kyle discuss what will be a big series against the second-place team in the AL East. The Mets still have the high ground in the NL East, but things haven’t been as smooth. The guys talk about the good and bad but more importantly the resiliency of the Mets. Four games with the Marlins await them after one last one with the Brewers.

Much like the big-league teams, the minor league squads are in similar positions but with the roles reversed. Rochester has struggled the past week and a half while Syracuse has some momentum. Paul and Kyle talk about the teams as they enter important stretches of games amid rosters moving and shaking.


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