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Walmart: Three items to always buy at Walmart to save

A retail expert has revealed three items that will always save you money at Walmart.

Walmart shopping

Walmart is known for having low prices, but some deals are better than others.

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What are the three items?

The three items to buy at Walmart that will always save you are:

  • dried spices
  • cereals
  • school supplies

Walmart sells a variety of Great Value spices for $0.98 cents per bottle. They sell original and organic spice options that are less expensive than name brand options.

Cereals are another great item to buy at Walmart. They have a wide variety of bulk cereals. Some people avoid the bags because they are hard to store. Using a cereal container makes storage much easier.

During the back-to-school season, Walmart offers the best deals on school supplies– some notebooks go for $0.25.

Walmart brands will be cheaper, so be sure to look out for Great Value, Mainstays, and Equate.

Great Value is their grocery item brand. Mainstays is for bedding, kitchen, and furniture. Equate can be found in the pharmacy and health and beauty section.

You can also save by choosing the free pickup option or free shipping on online orders over $35.

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