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Gas prices: Which states have the highest and lowest prices per gallon?

Gas prices are at record breaking highs.

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Which states pay the most and least for gas per gallon?

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Which states pay the most?

The national average for a gallon of gas has reached $4.95 for Regular, $5.30 for Mid-Grade, $5.59 Premium, and $5.71 for Diesel. That is almost an extra $2 per gallon since this time last year. Right now the states that pay the most for gas are:

  1. California: $6.34
  2. Nevada: $5.49
  3. Hawaii: $5.47
  4. Oregon: $5.41
  5. Washington: $5.40
  6. Illinois: $5.40
  7. Alaska: $5.37
  8. Washington, D.C.: $5.06
  9. Ohio: $5.06
  10. Michigan: $5.05

Which states pay the least?

In states where gas is typically cheaper– it isn’t far below the average. For example, Georgia residents are paying $4.37 per gallon, and in Arkansas they are paying $0.10 more than that. The reality of gas prices is bleak.

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What about gas tax?

At the federal level, a $0.18 tax is added to every gallon of gas purchased across the country. On average, the gas tax in the US is $0.27. The states with the highest gas tax are:

  • Pennsylvania: $0.57
  • California: $0.51
  • Washington: $0.49

The states with the lowest gas tax are:

  • Florida: $0.04
  • Alaska: $0.04
  • New York: $0.08

Are prices going to decrease?

Prices aren’t expected to drop anytime soon. In fact, it is predicted that the opposite will happen. Prices are expected to continue rising through the summer due to the increased demand.

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