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Food stamp delays are impacting residents in one state badly

Many Americans collect food stamps each month as a way to pay for groceries, so if a delay occurs, it can cause a negative impact.

grocery cart in an aisle where food stamps can be used by Denver residents

In the City and County of Denver, Colorado, thousands of people aren’t getting their food stamps on time.

Funds are supposed to be directly loaded onto an EBT card that is then used like a debit card at the store.

The cards are funded each month on the same date, but this hasn’t been the case for tens of thousands of Denver residents.

According to Fox 31 KDVR, the Denver Human Services admitted to the issues and stated only certain recipients are experiencing issues.

In addition to these issues, the office is also facing a major increase in benefit applications compared to years before.

SNAP and Medicaid relief extended under Public Health Emergency, lasting until October 13

Electronic and paper applications have both dramatically increased over the last year.

Despite this being hard on the staff, the office is working quickly to process the applications as fast as they can.

Around 100,000 residents are currently receiving food stamp benefits, and the applications increased 17% in 2021.

Grocery prices continue to rise, along with gas prices. Unemployment benefits have run out. Millions are turning to SNAP as a way to feed their family.

Which residents are seeing a delay in their food stamp benefits?

Those seeing delays are people who needed to fill out redetermination applications.

These types of applications check to make sure a person still qualifies for benefits.

This is commonly done every 6 months to verify income and conduct an interview.

The staffing shortages are also impacting the speed at which things are being done.

Right now, the Denver Human Services is down 70 employees.

The office is currently hiring for eligibility technicians, who are the staff members that determine eligibility of applicants.

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