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FRESH TAKES: Summer Playoffs for Winter Sports (podcast)

Paul Russo and Nick Felice are live in the studio for a morning edition of Fresh Takes. The Stanley Cup Playoffs have entered the semifinals and we already have a team out west locked in. Paul and Nick discuss the Avalanche going full throttle against the Oilers. They also talk about the Oilers can improve over the off-season to give Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl another chance at the cup. The east is still up for grabs as Nick’s Rangers and Paul’s Lightning scrap away. They’ll talk about the series so far and what they would like to see out of both of their favorite teams if they want to win it all.

The NBA Finals between the Celtics and Warriors are knotted at a game apiece. Paul and Nick talk about the antics of the series. The guys also discuss the Warriors’ core three and the Celtics’ core three aren’t all that different.

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