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Tips on easing back into international travel

There is no doubt that the lack of international travel during the pandemic was a cause for frustration for many of us, and whilst it was necessary, so many of us have missed out on vacations around the world. Now, as the world is back open for business, many of you will be planning some big trips this summer, and we have some tips for you to bear in mind, which will help you to ease back into the swing of things. 

Before you jet off, here are some tasks to remember. 

Sending Money Abroad

Getting foreign currency is risky given how much you will have on your person, and there is no doubt that avoiding the use of an ATM machine is a positive move — the fees for withdrawal are exorbitant. To avoid both of these situations, use the Ria Money Transfer app and send money from your bank to a local collection point in your destination country. Ria operates in 165 countries and has over 500,000 partner locations where you can get your cash. This is the cheapest, faster, safest and most convenient way for you to get your foreign currency. 

Checking Covid Rules

Every country seemingly has different requirements when it comes to Covid protocols, so be sure that you have checked them all out before you leave home. In some cases you need to be vaccinated and have proof, in others you may need to self-isolate for some days upon arrival and even mask-wearing policy will be important to understand. Make sure that you go into this with your eyes open so that you can adhere to all the requirements set out. 

Investigating Experiences

Another important factor to bear in mind here is that a great number of businesses around the world were forced to permanently close down during the pandemic, especially those which relied on tourism. If you have found an activity or an experience which you would like to do at your destination, make sure that you investigate online to ensure that it is still in operation. Travel brochures and tour guides which were designed before the pandemic may still feature these businesses, which is why you need to go the extra mile and check to make sure they are still operating. 


We cannot ignore the fact that the pandemic has made a lot of people worse off, and the inflation which we are now seeing —most likely because of the pandemic — has seen a huge increase in prices. It is important that you have this in mind when you are making a budget, as your cash is not going to stretch as far as it once would. You can find a number of resources online which will give you an indication of local prices, use these when you are working out how much cash to take. 

Given what we have all been through, being able to travel again is wonderful, make sure that you follow these tips before you go, so that the trip goes without any hitches. 

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