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Livingston County Highway Department announces 2022 Road Work Schedule

The weather is warming in Western New York which means road crews are out in force building, repairing and maintaining roadways. Here in Livingston County, the Highway Department has several projects underway to ensure residents have safe roads and bridges on which to travel.

All roadway projects are funded through the 2022 Highway Department budget, which includes a mix of local and state funding. The construction will be funded with $5.9 million from Livingston County and $3.27 million in total funding from several New York State programs, including $1,988,000 from the Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program or CHIPS, $345,000 from the Extreme Winter Recovery Program, $563,000 from the PAVE-NY Initiative, and $375,000 from the Operation Pave Our Potholes program.

“We want to show our taxpayers the best return on their investment, which is why supporting infrastructure maintenance and improvements are among our top funding priorities,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman David LeFeber. “I’d like to thank our Highway Department for the outstanding work they perform each year keeping our roads and bridges safe for travel.”

Superintendent of Highways Jason Wolfanger stated, “As construction season on our roadways ramps up, I urge all motorists to slow down, take extra caution in work zones, and watch for crew members who may be working close to or alongside roadways. Once again I’d like to thank the Highway Department for all their hard work and the Board of Supervisors for providing the support and funding necessary to ensure our County roads are some of the best in all of New York State.”

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In addition to routine scheduled maintenance, such as tree trimming, ditching, and guiderail repair, County crews are currently working on or planning the following major projects throughout the County:

Livingston County Highway Department 2022 Road and Bridge Projects

Full depth recycling with asphalt overlay:
·        CR-15 Creek Road in Mount Morris & Nunda – Paving mid-June
·        CR-38 Liberty Pole Road in Sparta & Springwater- Paving early June)

More than 30 miles of chip sealing, with prep work ahead of time scheduled for first week of June:
·        CR- 9 Ossian Hill Road – Ossian
·        CR-17 Sugar Creek Road – Ossian
·        CR-24 Birdsall Road – Nunda
·        CR-59 Kysorville-Byersville Road – West Sparta
·        CR-68 Main Street (Dalton) – Nunda
·        CR-70 Canaseraga Road – Ossian

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Chip sealing scheduled for second week of June:
·        CR-12 Livonia Center Road – Lima
·        CR-28 Lakeville Groveland Road – Geneseo
·        CR-29 Reeds Corners Road – Sparta
·        CR-39 Livonia Center Road – Livonia
·        CR-51 Parker Hill Road – Groveland & Sparta
·        CR-67 MacIntyre Road – York
·        CR-83 Jakman Hill – Livonia

Upcoming later this season:
·        CR-22 Fowlerville Road in Avon – Single course asphalt overlay (mid-August)
·        CR-56 Federal Road in Conesus – Cold-in-place recycle (mid-July)

Ongoing federal/state-aid projects:
·        CR-39 Livonia Center Road culvert replacement – Ramsey Constructor’s work is substantially complete. Final completion is expected by early June.
·        CR-62 Bronson Hill Road in Avon & Livonia – Ramsey Constructor’s work is substantially complete. Final completion is expected by early June.
·        Dow Road Bridge over Bidwell Creek in York – Crane-Hogan on schedule to complete the project by July.

For more information on the Livingston County Highway Department, visit here.