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Our favorite moments from 2022’s Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision contest has come and gone. The lovers of the yearly electrifying contest are still basking in the euphoria of the amazing performances. Twitter and other social media platforms are still buzzing on the gist of who’s the good, the bad, the ugly, the unlucky, and of course, the amazingly spectacular. Without mincing words, the 66th edition of Eurovision was a blast. Here are our favourite moments from 2022’s Eurovision Song Contest if you are up for a recap.

The World Stood with Ukraine

Research conducted by Betway confirms that, after this year’s win, Ukraine have won Eurovision three times. They joined the contest in 2003 and have since won the trophy in 2004, 2016 and 2022.

This year’s trends show that many “hands were on deck” for Ukraine, finishing first place with an enormous 631 points. With Kalush’s performance of the song, “Stefania,” it was hard to be moved by that spectacular performance. Not so surprising, the song took a new meaning considering current happenings.

Norway’s Entry and Performance

No one was totally sure of the idea behind the “Banana-Wolves” performance at this year’s Eurovision contest. But one thing was certain, Norway didn’t want the world to forget them in a hurry. The song Norway performed might be what you would describe as “nonsense,” since no one could explain what was going on. 

However, the delivery took all social media platforms by storm. The audience hasn’t stopped buzzing about the crazily yellow and very strange performance of the song “give that wolf a banana.” The wolf-looking masks were also a side attraction at the contest. Altogether, the song might not be what you would like to have on your phone’s playlist, but Norway undoubtedly delivered all the needed wackiness at the contest. 

Måneskin Frontman, Damiano David, Gave Everyone A Good Laugh

If you didn’t miss last year’s Eurovision contest, you probably didn’t miss the moment it looked like David was sniffing cocaine on live television. Apparently, he was seen leaning very close to a table in an awkward position. He, of course, immediately denied the allegation saying why would he do anything of the sort, especially on live TV?. 

David took a drug test to clear all allegations. How it became a moment of humour at this year’s Eurovision song contest was that David didn’t mind making it a fun moment when the group returned. He was asked if he had any advice to give to the contestants of the 2022 Eurovision, and he said, “Have fun and don’t lean close to the table.”

The Medley From Mika Gave Us Chills

Doubling as both a host and a performer at the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, Mika performed a medley of some of his songs on stage, and it was a sensational performance. The performance was moving and it reminded the audience of some of the biggest hits from Mika and his life. 

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