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Digital Family LLC talks small and medium businesses about digital marketing in California for free

Internet channels can serve as a constant source of attracting new customers for small and medium businesses, as well as startups. Search networks, social networks, corporate or personal website are able to efficiently solve the problem of lack of clients and increase the company’s income level.

Unfortunately, not all companies use Internet channels efficiently. Iurii Nemtcev, an expert in digital advertising, SEO specialist and co-founder of Digital Family LLC, shares with us some information about what methods of online advertising help to promote business today. Dozens of representatives of small and medium businesses have already visited his free consultations in Digital Family LLC in California. Everyone received a clear and logical guide on how to set up digital advertising and which channels should be used.

Iurii Nemtcev, SEO specialist and digital marketing expert

Iurii Nemtсev founded a successful digital advertising business in Moscow and has been working in this field since 2009. His advertising agency “12 Nemtsev” is engaged in the promotion of large Internet projects in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals. One of them is

According to SimilarWeb, is the second most visited commercial website in the world from the category “Pharmaceutics.” SimilarWeb evaluates the number of website visitors and builds rankings based on the received data. More than 22 million people in Russians visit it every month, and the peak number of visits per day reaches 1.5 million people, which is one percent of the total Russian population. By the monthly page traffic goes right after the US online-pharmacy

Mr. Nemtcev also heads the processes in digital marketing for medical and dental clinics’ websites. Furthermore, in order to identify the most effective ways of online advertising, he created his own startup in the field of dentistry –  LaLaDent project. With its help, the team of  Internet agency “12 Nemtsev” tests theories, and then implements the most successful ones into client projects.

Mr. Nemtcev has been working in the USA since May 2021. He Co-founded Digital Family LLC that specializes in digital marketing services in California. The company has already taken part in some business projects in construction and medical spheres. Furthermore, as part of the volunteer program, Iurii provides consulting support to businesses that require new development strategies.

In 2021, several California companies took advantage of free consultations, including startups  for the development of artificial intelligence and food delivery. Thanks to the professional recommendations of Iurii Nemtсev, those companies decided to use not only a mobile application to offer their services to clients, but also to expand company’s digital presence through a website, contextual advertising and social networks. Clients got an opportunity to access services through website, search engine advertising, and social networks.

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