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Night vision device in civil spheres

Night vision monoculars and binoculars are of great benefit to the military. They help soldiers perform various combat missions and make it possible to carry out operations at night. Such optics can often be found in aviation, sailing, farming, rescuing, and construction. In civilian areas, these devices are also widely used. It brings people many benefits and allows you to see various objects in the dark.

Night vision technology in a nutshell

When night vision technology was invented, the ability to see in the dark became available to people relatively recently. This discovery made it possible to create many valuable devices that people began to use in various fields of activity actively. Such devices have a standard design, supplemented by modern innovations in most cases. It consists of a lens, an image intensifier tube (IOC), and an eyepiece. The first captures light rays from surrounding sources of natural (stars, moon) or artificial origin (for example, lanterns). They enter the front of the transducer, which amplifies the brightness of the light many times over. After that, the final image is formed on the back of the image intensifier tube, which the user sees through the eyepiece.

Night vision technology is also used in digital devices. Unlike traditional models, quality improvement occurs in them due to various manipulations with the image and not with light. This option allows you to get even greater detail.

Among all the night vision technology devices, the most popular are the sights. They make it possible not only to observe particular objects at night but to shoot accurately, even with minimal lighting. In addition to them, monoculars, binoculars, and night vision goggles are popular with civilians. Recently, photo and video equipment manufacturers have begun to use similar technology. It lets you take high-quality pictures in low light and shoot high-definition videos.

Night vision technology in aviation

NV technologies are widely used not only in the military but also in civil aviation. They help pilots navigate in low light conditions and minimize the likelihood of accidents.

Aircraft pilots rarely use night vision devices. This is due to a variety of electronics in modern aircraft, which simplifies navigation and piloting as much as possible. With its help, it is possible to quickly make the right decisions, even in cases where the pilot does not see with his own eyes what is happening around his aircraft. Therefore, the only option for using NV devices is to teach novice pilots to fly at night. Here, optics play the role of ancillary equipment that can be used in parallel with available electronics.

The situation with helicopters is radically different. The rafts of these aircraft actively use night vision technologies since it becomes hazardous to fly on them in low light conditions. The instruments used are used to simplify the process of takeoff and landing, which are often associated with a high risk of accidents (because it is difficult for pilots to navigate and avoid obstacles in the dark).

In aviation, only the most modern models of night vision devices are used. They are subject to special requirements, such as improved image quality, a wide range of settings, high sensitivity, and maximum response speed.

Night vision technology in sailing

For many, sailing is not just a hobby but a way of life. In this case, lovers of sailing on yachts and other vessels should take advantage of modern night vision technologies. With their help, the control process becomes much more straightforward, and the likelihood of an emergency is minimal.

Various devices that support NV technology help the owners of yachts, boats, and other vessels notice any obstacles on the way and correctly determine the distance to them. This feature makes the maneuvering process safer and avoids unwanted encounters with buoys, natural barriers (for example, reefs), and fishing equipment. The efficiency of NV devices in low light conditions has been proven in practice. At the same time, there is no reasonable alternative to them. Even bright and very powerful spotlights installed on a floating facility will not be able to cover the entire surrounding water surface. Still, they will only allow observing a specific part of it.

Sailing on various vessels along rivers, seas, and oceans at night requires maximum concentration and the ability to make decisions quickly from a sailor. In this case, night vision technologies will help him. They will provide the user with a high-quality picture with good detail. It will be possible to distinguish a dangerous obstacle and determine its features, dimensions, and distance to the vessel.

NV technologies have also been widely used in sports sailing. With their help, professional athletes travel around the world or compete with each other in long regattas that involve non-stop swimming for several days. In addition, devices that allow you to see at night are used by anglers who go on their boats for the following catch and by representatives of the coast guard, who ensure the safety of navigation.

Night vision technology in farming

Agriculture is practiced not only in developing countries but also in developed countries. The latter constantly improve the technologies for growing various crops and introduces many new products into this industry. The latter includes multiple night vision devices. They are actively used on large and small farms located in different parts of our planet.

Variants of application of NV technologies in agriculture:

1.      Round-the-clock monitoring of the fields. Devices capable of providing the user with a high-quality picture at night are most often used to monitor areas. This technique makes it possible to quickly identify foreign objects and subjects (for example, people, birds, animals) that can harm crops, which will lead to a decrease in yield.

2.      You are working in bad weather conditions. Poor lighting due to cloudy weather, fog, or heavy smoke will not allow traditional fieldwork. However, if you use night vision devices, you can eliminate the problem of insufficient visibility and continue to perform your tasks.

3.      They are conducting analytical work. 24-hour field surveys with night vision devices will provide the farmer with helpful information. It can be carefully analyzed to avoid any mistakes made during the planting, care, or harvesting of crops.

4.      Introduction of unmanned agricultural machinery. With the help of night vision technologies, the farmer can use equipment that works without human presence around the clock. The owner installs the appropriate optics on it, which will monitor the field at night and transmit valuable data to the computer. They will help the harvester avoid various obstacles, collect information about the state of the soil, build optimal travel routes and avoid accidental damage to the crop.

Night vision technology in rescuing and construction

Various devices that support night vision technology are handy during rescue operations. They are actively used by the relevant units involved in eliminating the consequences of fires and the search for missing people.

Firefighters most actively use night vision devices. They use them in places where there is no way to use any light sources. Such optics are often equipped with thermal sensors that allow you to find injured people in the most complex and dangerous situations. In addition, modern night vision technologies are used during search and rescue operations conducted in open areas.

Options for using NV technologies during rescue operations:

      search for injured people in heavily smoky rooms;

      identification and elimination of the causes of the fire (for example, search for the source of the spread of fire);

      Search for people in places with additional obstacles (for instance, behind glass, water, etc.).

      determining the location of lost or lost people in the dark;

      finding victims on foggy and cloudy days;

      rescue of people from the rubble.

Night vision technologies are used not only by rescuers but also by builders. During their work, they use various devices that help improve the quality of the work performed and reduce the likelihood of injury to workers.

Options for using NV technologies in construction:

1.      The construction company always sets strict requirements for the timing of the order. Because of this, builders have to work 24 hours a day. They are carrying out work at night. During night shifts, some employees use night vision goggles. With their help, people control the implementation of complex manipulations and carry out work in places where it is impossible to connect lighting.

2.      Assessment of thermal insulation characteristics of structures and materials. For these purposes, builders use devices equipped with temperature sensors. They help find various defects and evaluate the quality of creating a heat-insulating layer.

3.      Troubleshooting equipment used during construction work. Much special equipment is used at the construction site, which periodically fails. If this happens at night and the builders do not have the opportunity to postpone repairs until the morning, various night vision devices are used. They help quickly find the problem and fix it in the shortest possible time.

Thermal monoculars, night vision binoculars, and other night vision devices are widely used in the military and the civilian sphere. All of them are used for their intended purpose and help people do various jobs. Such versatility, combined with the affordable price of most models, makes night vision devices popular with representatives of different professions.

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