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Gas prices: Memorial Day weekend hits drivers hard, no relief in sight

Gas prices have been skyrocketing for motorists over the last several weeks.

Many motorists say they have simply stopped paying attention to it.

According to AAA, 39.2 million people were expected to travel over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. That’s 8.3% more than last year. 

However, some motorists say they cut back on plans because of the cost. 

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How are drivers reacting to high gas prices? spoke with a driver filling up — visiting from Pennsylvania. She declined to have her last name shared, but Margaret was up for the weekend visiting family — voicing concerns to others filling up at the gas station along the New York State Thruway.

“It’s ridiculous,” she said. “We kept being told everything was going to get under control and now it’s higher than it ever has been. I never remember gas prices being this high.”

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Is relief at the pump in sight?

Absolutely. Experts say that it’s part of the reason why cost of goods at grocery stores and other places have increased so much. 

When gas prices were about 20 cents cheaper on average a couple months ago — officials said that they would eliminate part of the state’s tax collection during the summer months. 

Now, that is about to begin — but gas prices are so much higher than those savings will be minimal.

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