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Unemployment: Receiving benefits in California

Many Americans are finding themselves still struggling after the pandemic, and some survive off benefits like unemployment.

unemployment benefits in california

California offers an unemployment benefit program for those who qualify by meeting certain requirements.

It’s worth noting that most states offer unemployment benefits, but it differs from state to state.

Who can get unemployment benefits in California?

In order to be eligible for unemployment in the state of California you need to be a full time resident in the state.

You also need to be unemployed.

In order to collect the benefits based on your employment, you need to have worked in the state within the last 12 months.

DOL releases local unemployment data: Here’s what you should know

There is a minimum amount in wages the applicant needs to have earned.

This is determined by guidelines set by the state.

The last requirement is that the person applying needs to have been looking for work.

This is for each week they’re getting benefits.

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