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Stimulus: 4 deadlines for payments worth $150-$800

Many areas are offering some sort of stimulus payment to residents, but deadlines for many are quickly approaching.

cash residents could see following stimulus payment deadline

Next week will be the last chance for many eligible Americans to claim stimulus or cash rebates worth up to $800.

Payments range from shopping credits, to gas cards, to stimulus tax rebates.

Here are 4 ways people are seeing cash or stimulus payments

The first way people may be able to see some cash is through a class actions lawsuit against Old Navy.

After being accused of false price information, the company has agreed to pay store credit to those impacted.

Anyone who made a purchase between Nov. 12, 2015 and Dec. 2, 2021 could be eligible for one or more $5 certificates.

Fourth Stimulus Check: Americans seeing payments from their state

Any purchase totaling under $90 qualifies for the credit.

If it was over $90, a credit of $10 will be issued.

You may submit your claim online or by mail.

The deadline is Tuesday, May 31, 2022.

Colorado residents may see a cash stimulus payment from the state.

They must file their state income taxes by May 31, 2022.

Individuals will see $400 and married filers will see $800.

These stimulus rebates are to offset the rise in inflation and checks can be expected in August or September.

Connecticut created a child tx credit that would give families up to $250 per child.

Up to three kids per family can be claimed and the amount parents see depends on their income.

The max benefit will go to singles making $100,000 and under and married couples making $200,000 and under.

Head of household filers cannot exceed $169,000.

Applications are opening for the payments on June 1, 2022.

Checks will be sent in August.

Finally, Chicago is offering gas and public transportation cards through a lottery system.

50,000 prepaid gas cards worth $150 and 100,000 prepaid transit cards worth $50 will go out.

There are random drawings once per month.

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

The deadline for transit cards is June 3.

Deadlines for gas cards each month are June 3, July 3, August 3, and September 3.

You’re automatically entered into the next month’s drawing if you aren’t chosen.

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