Does being a fan help you with sports betting?

When it comes to sports betting, it’s fair to say that we tend to look for any insight or tip to help us call the outcome we want. 

It’s this insight that can give us the edge, but how do we get it? Something that can help is if you’re a fan of a team, player or sport.

For example, you may find it much harder to call the outcome of an NBA game if you’ve never watched one before – and this could see you throw money down the drain. 

In this guide, we’ll look at how being a fan can help you with sports betting. We’ll examine a few areas in particular, such as having a greater understanding of form and of a team’s strengths and weaknesses.

How can being a fan help with sports betting? 

Players are always looking for ways to give them an edge when it comes to making the right bets. Being a fan of a particular team, player or sport can give you a greater understanding, such that when it comes to predicting an outcome, you have a greater chance of calling it right.

For instance, you may happen to notice a sportsbook offering good odds on an away team win. With your heightened knowledge, you understand that the particular team plays well away from home, and that the home team is in a bad run of form.

You can therefore take advantage of the odds to hopefully win more on your bet. If you’re looking for a breakdown of odds for different sports, check out

Let’s look more specifically at how being a fan can give you an edge.


Greater understanding of form

Form plays a massive part in any sport, from tennis to rugby. It’s very much tied to a team or player’s confidence levels – it’s much harder to motivate and believe in yourself if you’ve lost the last 10 games in a row.

It’s this understanding of a team or player’s psychological state that can really give you an edge when it comes to sports betting.

So, for example, if Arsenal is playing away from home against Brighton, as a fan of the Gunners, you may be aware that they may not keep many clean sheets when on the road. You may also know that Brighton have scored in all of their home games, so you could put a bet on Brighton to score.

With the power of insight, you can make better judgement calls, especially when it comes to the more niche bets, such as over/under bets.


Insights into team and players’ performance 

Linked to the importance of form as discussed above is the ability to understand how different players perform in different settings.

In tennis, for example, some players much prefer playing on clay as opposed to grass. In horse racing, some horses prefer to run on firmer ground. And in football, Liverpool player Divock Origi only ever seems to score against Everton.

If you’re a fan of a particular sport, such as the NFL or MLB, you’ll know and understand these subtle differences that can all impact how a team or player performs.

This enables you to be more precise with your betting, hopefully reducing your chance of losing on speculative bets.

Knowing strengths and weaknesses 

Different teams and players are better at some things than others. Even teams that are in the richest of forms can come unstuck against an opponent that knows how to exploit their Achilles’ heel.

This is quite commonly seen in football. Some teams concede a lot of goals from set pieces, such as corners, free kicks and long throws. They may get away with poor defending in some games, but they may come up against a team that specializes in set pieces.

When Stoke City was first promoted to the Premier League, they had a player named Rory Delap who could deliver the longest throws in the league. Other teams didn’t know how to defend against such a tactic, and as a result, Stoke scored a lot of goals.

So, if you know a team can’t defend corners and they’re up against the team that has scored the most goals from corner kicks in the league, you could back the other team to win, or even bet that they’ll score a goal via a header.

Your insight as a fan of the sport will give you this clearer understanding of sports betting, which may see you lose less often on bets that are a little more speculative.