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The Finger Lakes are the 2nd best Memorial Day fishing spot in America

Memorial Day is around the corner and all over the US, the fishing action is heating up. To mark the occasion, FishingBooker, the largest online platform for finding and booking fishing trips in the US, released its list of the 10 best Memorial Day fishing spots in the US. And the Finger Lakes made the second spot on the list!

Why did Finger Lakes rank second?

The National Lake Trout Derby takes place on Seneca Lake during Memorial Day Weekend. Head to Geneva at the northern tip, and you’re sure to find plenty in the way of these wily, tasty creatures. This is the “Lake Trout Capital of the World” and provides shore fishing spots, along with plenty of charters to take you across the lake.

And it’s not just Trout, either. Walleye, Bass, and Salmon are all possible catches across the region. A total of eleven lakes make up the “fingers,” so there’s more than just Seneca Lake to explore. Head to bustling Ithaca on Cayuga Lake or get lost in the wilderness around the other remote bodies of water. There really is something for everyone here.

The full list includes:

  1. Block Island, RI
  2. Finger Lakes, NY
  3. Port Clinton, OH
  4. Lake Murray, SC
  5. St. Augustine, FL
  6. Freeport, TX
  7. Black Hills, SD
  8. Parker Canyon Lake, AZ
  9. Reno-Tahoe, NV
  10. Stockton, CA

You can find the entire article here.