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How to enrich your ambiance and add chic just with a few details

Expensive natural materials, designer furniture, valuable author’s art objects. Is it possible to make the interior look expensive without these status attributes? We tell you how to get a “rich” picture with a limited budget.

One for all

Focus on one object: the most expensive and/or the most impressive.

There are many available contenders for the role of the “protagonist”: an oversized sofa with spectacular velvet upholstery, a painting on the ceiling, a large-sized landscape panel, a home library that has conquered the entire wall, an artistic headboard, a coffee table made of the wood slab, maybe a camel group furniture – you can’t list them all.

If you got a family heirloom that has taken the form of a luxurious sideboard, an old chest, or maybe a piano, it is worth investing in restoration. Antique objects are guaranteed to produce a wow effect, forcing you to perceive the whole situation in a different way.

And you can save money on interior neighbors for your “hero”, the role of which will be played by laconic furniture from the mass market. In this case, it is only advantageous if it does not distract attention.

Make way for art

Art is not synonymous with luxury. And a poster from the mass market is not the only alternative to museum-quality works.

The paintings of many recognized masters, which today are valued at sums with an impressive number of zeros, were once sold for next to nothing or not sold at all.

Take a closer look at the work of contemporary sculptors and artists, as well as woodworkers, and artists who work with ceramics, carpets, textiles, and glass.

What for? Handmade and the author’s art object look more significant and more expensive than the same type of mass-market plots and reproductions of world masterpieces printed on every second mug in the world. Choosing from the author’s works, you choose a unique piece of art that resonated with you and supports the trend towards individualization of space, as well as local artists.

It is not necessary to collect a whole collection of masterpieces. You can hang only one, but a large art object on the wall, which will become a point of attraction for the eye. Or go the other way and pick up a lot of exciting budget neighbors for the author’s creation. After all, not every object on the wall has to be a picture, it can be family photographs, mirrors, herbariums, record covers, theater posters, beautiful plates, old copper candlesticks, and even empty frames.

“Deep” walls

We trust light walls in the interior, they promise to make the space visually wider and, as they say, make it airier. Dark shades of paint and wallpaper are usually not welcome on modest footage. But even when the apartment’s dimensions provide room for color experiments, the designer often has to persuade the customer to “try on” a dark shade.

Dark walls are not trusted, although they are guaranteed to make the interior visually richer. Moreover, just one wall in a deep shade is enough – an accent wall.

A dark saturated color will become a beautiful background for an art gallery, on which even a plastic baguette will look expensive.

If you are fundamentally unprepared for dark tones, do not consider white or beige walls as the only alternative. There are many complex natural shades of varying degrees of saturation that will make even the most concise interior interesting.

“Rich” shades of the walls work beautifully in tandem with natural materials, but high-quality imitation will not spoil the picture.

If the floor has a neutral laminate, this does not oblige you to choose the same neutral walls. Color is the most accessible luxury.

Copper age

Prefer warm shades of metals to the usual chrome, and the interior will immediately “fly up in price”. The favorites today are red copper and noble brass.

The main thing is not to overdo it with the dosage, too much metallic sheen will make the living space comically glamorous.

By the way, do not be afraid to mix different shades of metals in one space, now it is considered a good decision. And if you can’t find these things for an appropriate price, you might like this article on how to economy your budget on the online buying. 

Reflect and multiply

Mirrors work like metal accents: they shine, appealing to our inner child, who knows for sure that if it shines, it means luxury.

Use them not only for their intended purpose. Choose oversized mirrors and/or mirrors in fancy frames. The latter can exist on the basis of a modern laconic interior and have long ceased to require their Baroque neighbors to join them.

Mirrors can become a relatively budget alternative to art objects, and, as we wrote above, their wall neighbors.

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