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Food Stamps: Thousands to see extra SNAP worth $2.8 million

Thousands of families currently enrolled in the SNAP program and receiving food stamps will see a boost in Baltimore County, Maryland.

school lunches children do not get during summer, so they receive food stamps

The $2.8 million dollar boost that recipients will collectively see is coming from the state and county.

28,000 children will benefit from this, compared to 466 children helped last year, according to The Sun.

Summer is harder for low income children because they aren’t in school receiving breakfast, lunch, or snacks.

Benefits: You can apply for SNAP and SSI all at once

This is why Maryland runs the Summer SNAP for Children program.

Food stamps through the Summer SNAP for Children program

This program helps provide low income families with benefits to feed children.

This helps while kids are out of school and not getting breakfast or lunches during summer months.

In order to offset the costs of feeding children while they aren’t in school, low income families will get an extra $30 per month.

This applies to June, July, and August.

Another $10 is given in December during winter break.

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