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Disability: California State Disability explained

While many Americans utilize SSDI, California has their own state disability program for qualifying residents to use when they qualify.

money people could see from disability insurance in California

The program will give short term wage replacements for those who can’t work because of a medical condition unrelated to work.

California’s State Disability Insurance, or SDI, is different than the Social Security’s SSDI program.

Workers that can’t work the expected requirements of their job due to a medical condition could possibly collect benefits.

This includes mental and physical illnesses or injuries, pregnancies, elective surgery, and childbirth.

The program will provide missing wages to those who can’t earn them because they’re being prevented from doing so due to a medical condition.

Requirements for collecting disability in California

You must have earned at least $300 during your base period and have had SDI deductions withheld from your pay.

The medical condition needs to have prevented you from working for at least 8 days.

Can you collect unemployment and Social Security disability at the same time?

If you weren’t employed, but were actively looking for employment at the time of your injury, you could qualify.

You need to be under the care or treatment of a certified professional within 8 days of injury.

In order to claim benefits, you must still be under their care when you file the claim.

You can’t claim until 9 days have passed since your injury or illness took place.

You must claim within 49 days.

The amount you receive will be between 60% and 70% of your prior wages earned 5-18 months before your injury.

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