Auburn city budget likely to be adopted June 3, no speakers at final hearing

The Auburn City Council expects to adopt City Manager Jeff Dygert’s proposed budget at its June 3 meeting.

The average homeowner will see flat or slightly decreased tax bill

No one spoke at the final public hearing on the proposed spending plan at last week’s council meeting. The $43.5 million proposal calls for a 6.58% spending increase over the current year. The tax levy, the total amount to be raised in taxes, would go up 2.28%, but Auburn City Clerk Chuck Mason says most Auburn residential property owners will see their tax bills stay the same or go down slightly.

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The budget projects a 13% increase in sales tax revenue over the current year. The city experienced a quicker than expected rebound from the COVID-19-related downturn in the economy.

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There will be an increase in the solid waste collection fee, to $240 per housing unit. The budget also includes $58,777 for increased security at city hall. Listen to my full Inside the FLX conversation with Auburn City Clerk Chuck Mason below.