GetAFollower Review: The Real Truth About Them

What We Like

  • Huge range of products and services
  • Guarantees of authenticity and quality
  • Outstanding customer support 
  • Extensive 60-day retention warranty
  • Targeted services from dozens of key markets

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited customer service hours
  • No free product trial is currently available

Bottom Line

GetAFollower continues to rank among the best social media growth companies of its kind on the web, specializing in authentic social signals for the world’s most popular social networks. All sales are covered by a 60-day retention warranty and a full refund guarantee standard.

For the purpose of my GetAFollower review, I placed an order for 100 TikTok followers to see exactly how they perform when put to the test.

What is GetAFollower?

GetAFollower opened its doors in 2011 and has been going from strength to strength ever since. Originally specializing primarily in followers – hence the name – GetAFollower quickly expanded and diversified its product catalog to incorporate hundreds of different types of social signals.

From day one, GetAFollower has claimed to offer nothing but 100% authentic social proof of the highest quality. Something I set out to verify in my GetAFollower review as real social proof is hard to come by. 

There’s no shortage of spam available for payment, but genuinely authentic social signals are thin on the ground. 

GetAFollower Key Features

Having given the GetAFollower website a thorough examination, the most impressive aspects of what’s on offer are as follows:

High-Quality Engagements

As mentioned above, GetAFollower claims (promises, actually) to hand out nothing other than high-quality engagements for the world’s biggest social networks. All products are said to be sourced from real people with active and authentic accounts, making them similar to the real thing.

High Retention Rates

The 60-day retention rate GetAFollower offers is the longest I’ve come across when shopping for products and services like these. What this means is that if any of the products you buy ‘drop’ during the first two months, they will be replaced at no additional cost.

Country Targeted Services

Most of the products and services available at GetAFollower can be delivered from accounts in dozens of major markets worldwide. This can be particularly useful if you are targeting a specific region or demographic with your content. 

Flexible Payment Options

Name pretty much any major payment method, and it’s accepted at GetAFollower. Their payment options extend to all types of credit and debit cards, cryptocurrency payments and other online wallets, among others.

Secure Payment Gateway

Transactions are encrypted for maximum safety, and GetAFollower pledges to hold all the information gathered from customers in strict confidence. No selling, loaning, or distribution of customers’ private data, which is a big deal in today’s privacy-conscious climate.

Money Back Guarantee

GetAFollower also includes a full money-back guarantee with every sale in case something goes wrong along the way. Specifically, their T&Cs state that if they do not fulfill their side of the agreement, you’ll be entitled to a full refund of the original purchase price.

Responsive Customer Support

I was particularly impressed by the customer support provided by the team at GetAFollower, which is available by way of live chat and e-mail. You get the impression of a proud and passionate team of professionals who genuinely enjoy what they do and are very good at it. 

GetAFollower Pricing

I took a good look through the vast range of products and packages on sale at GetAFollower, in order to establish what kind of value for money buyers can expect. Across the board, everything is almost impossibly cheap, given their assurances of quality and authenticity.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the most cost-effective packages I saw for some of the more popular platforms covered by GetAFollower:

1) TikTok

  • 100 TikTok Followers for $5
  • 50 TikTok Comments for $7
  • 250 TikTok Likes for $11
  • 5,000 TikTok Views for $12

2) Instagram

  • 1,000 Instagram Followers for $20
  • 1,000 Instagram Saves for $12
  • 2,500 Instagram Mentions for $33
  • 5,000 Instagram Likes for $95

3) Facebook

  • 500 Facebook Followers for $12
  • 1,000 Facebook Reactions for $20
  • 10 Facebook Comments for $2
  • 1,000 Facebook Group Members for $20

4) Twitch

  • 500 Followers for $19
  • 10,000 Views for $155

5) Other Services

  • 100 YouTube Subscribers for $19
  • 500 Clubhouse Followers for $76
  • 500 Discord Members for $32
  • 50 LinkedIn Endorsements for $40
  • 1,000 Pinterest Followers for $54
  • 2,500 Mixcloud Plays for $11

Impressive stuff, but almost unbelievable if they really are sourcing authentic social signals from real people with active accounts.  

I was particularly surprised by how many entry-level packages are on offer for just $2, which is the lowest price I’ve ever seen quoted for products like these.

My Experience: I Bought 100 TikTok Followers for Testing

Of course, the proof is in the pudding…as they say. It’s all well and good to stake claim to offering authentic social signals, but how does GetAFollower perform in practice?

The best way to find out is to put them to the test personally, so that’s exactly what I did – with an order for 100 TikTok followers.

Placing an order is straightforward enough:

1. Choose the “TikTok” option from the top of the screen, followed by “TikTok followers”. 

2. Select the market for the followers to be sourced from, with options including the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and more. I chose “Global” followers for the purpose of my review.

3. Indicate how many you would like to buy – I chose “100” to test the waters, priced at a ridiculously low $5.00.

4. Complete the secure payment process – I paid using a credit card – and wait for the delivery process to get underway.

In the meantime, I fired a couple of questions over to the GetAFollower team to see how they treat their customers. Using the live-chat facility, every question was responded to within a minute or so, and the responses I received were more than satisfactory.

As I’d just placed an order, I asked them to clarify their retention warranty, which they did in clear and concise terms. 

Sure thing, just hit us up as quickly as possible if you see anything falling from your profile, and we’ll send replacement followers right away. But we usually add a few extras in the first place to cover potential losses, so I doubt you’ll have any issues! You can do this for the first 60 days 😊  

My TikTok Followers Start to Arrive 

It was about an hour after I placed my order that the first new followers began to appear on my account. The remaining balance was rolled out over the course of around 24 hours, added in drips and drabs to keep things looking organic.

Placed under the microscope, the followers GetAFollower added to my account do indeed be real. At least, in the sense that every follower I checked out (about 30 of them) had a complete profile, evidence of recent activity, and followers of their own.

They added 109 followers to my TikTok account in total, so I actually got a little more than I paid for. None of which had dropped by the time I penned my review, so I didn’t need to put their retention warranty to the test.

As expected, I didn’t get any major engagement from the followers I bought – they didn’t share or comment on any of my posts, for example. But this isn’t why you buy followers – buying followers is all about the numbers. And it’s amazing how a bigger follower count can make all the difference to the way you’re seen by other people on TikTok.

In any case, I’ve no complaints whatsoever regarding the quality of the TikTok followers GetAFollower added to my account. I’ve also no reason to suspect they’re not 100% authentic, having taken a good look at their profiles and scanned through their followers for verification.

Are GetAFollower’s Engagements Safe?

Safety when buying social signals is all about authenticity. Fake followers from spam accounts can trigger a manual review of your profile and could result in its suspension. The truth is, buying fake social signals is a dangerous game and one that should be avoided at all costs.

Authentic social proof – i.e., the type that comes from real people – is as safe as the real thing. That’s because, on paper, it is real – it’s just that you pay for it rather than accumulating it organically.

GetAFollower’s products and services are guaranteed 100% authentic and are therefore safe to use. Their gradual ‘drip feed’ delivery process keeps things discreet, and I’ve no reason to believe the products they provide don’t come from real people…just as they claim to be the case.

GetAFollower Customer Support

I’ve already touched upon GetAFollower’s customer support a couple of times, but the friendliness of their team warrants emphasizing. They really do seem to get a kick out of helping you out and never fail to respond promptly during office hours.

Customer support hours at GetAFollower are limited to 9 AM – 6 PM on weekdays and 9 AM – 1 PM Saturdays, which admittedly isn’t quite as good as 24/7 customer support. But it’s still way more than you’d to get from most comparable social proof sellers – many (if not most) of which are impossible to contact at the best of times.

GetAFollower Alternatives

The two closest approximations to GetAFollower on the web right now are Media Mister and Buy Real Media. 

Media Mister has been around for over a decade and is probably the best-known name in paid social signals, with a dizzying array of our products and services available. Buy Real Media was launched a little later (2018) but has wasted no time building a huge global following.

I’d personally stick with GetAFollower as the best of the bunch, but both Media Mister and Buy Real Media are worth checking out, and they both have their own unique points of appeal.

GetAFollower Review: Final Verdict

Two things really stood out about my experience with GetAFollower:

1. The general simplicity and pleasantness of the whole thing

2. The price-quality ratio of their products and services

Having personally put them to the test, it’s difficult for me to find anything particularly negative to say. Shy of a lack of 24/7 support – but this really is nit-picking in the extreme – everything else was well and truly on point.

Their catalog of products and services is huge, the authenticity of what they hand out is spot on, and the prices they quote are almost too good to be true. Coupled with solid customer support and a reassuring money-back guarantee, I don’t really see what else you could ask for…especially with prices starting from $2.00.

It’s hardly a huge amount of money to put on the line to see how they work first-hand, so that’s exactly what I’d recommend doing.