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Gas Stimulus: Who could see the $400 payments?

Gas and groceries have only continued to rise with inflation, leading some states to offer gas stimulus payments.

someone filling their car who could soon see a gas stimulus payment

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently proposed a bill that would give residents $400 payments to offset rising gas prices.

Many areas are attempting to offset inflated prices this way, including Chicago, Illinois.

Who can see the $400 gas stimulus payment?

Car owners may see $400 for one registered vehicle in the state of California.

The limit is two cars per vehicle owner.

This means if one person has two cars registered in their name in California, they can see $800.

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This proposal is still in the process of being passed.

This means the way residents could see the $400 payments is currently unknown.

Governor Newsom is working hard to pass the bill.

What money is there if you don’t own a car for the gas stimulus?

For those who don’t own a car, there is a plan for public transportation.

The plan is to offer three months of free transit.

This gives a benefit to those who don’t need to worry about paying for the rising costs of gas.

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