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Energy Bills: 5 areas facing up to $524 in monthly costs this summer

Inflation continues to impact Americans everywhere, and with summer approaching and air conditioning being used, energy bills will rise.

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There are 5 places that will see the biggest increase in energy bills this season.

Some bills are as high as $524, which is 5% higher than 2021.

Where will there be major increases for energy bills across America in 2022?

The first place is the West South Central U.S., where the bill will rise on average from $500 to $524.

Next is East South Central U.S., where the average energy bill will rise from $488 to $503.

New England will see a steep average increase from $451 to $495, a 10% jump.

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South Atlantic will see a rise from $473 to $493.

Finally, the Mid-Atlantic will see the average bill jump from $434 to $446.

The overall average increase across the U.S. will rise from $450 to $454.

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Starting June 1, Pennsylvania residents were warned that their energy bills could rise from 6% to 45%.

Eversource is the provider for New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, and said the increase through June 30 could be 23% to 25%.

Finally, residents in South Carolina will see increases from 5% to 19%.

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