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Upcoming webinar will help residents prepare for increased flood risks for their homes

Upstate New York has been experiencing more frequent storm events and heavier downpours and flooding for the past few decades, and this trend will amplify in the years ahead as climate disruptions increase. Sustainable Finger Lakes (formerly Sustainable Tompkins) will host a webinar on projected flooding patterns and how residents can prepare their homes and businesses for flash floods, groundwater floods, and river floods on Wednesday, May 25, at Noon. Panelists will share insights into how the recent changes to FEMA’s flood maps will affect residents and their options to reduce their risk. Hear Scott Doyle, formerly of Tompkins County Planning & Sustainability, Sally Hoyt of Tompkins Insurance Agencies, and Alan Springett, hydrologist and flood mitigation specialist, discuss FEMA’s new flood maps and findings, flood insurance options, and tips for how you can reduce flood damage to your home. The goal of this webinar is to help homeowners understand and find the best coverage for their shifting flood insurance needs and make physical changes to their homes to reduce the risk of flood and water damage that climate change will continue to bring. The webinar will end with a Q&A session during which attendees can address our panelists. Register here for this event.

This is the second webinar in Sustainable Finger Lakes’ Spring Finger Lakes Forecast Webinar Series which focuses on how climate change will impact life in the Finger Lakes region and what people can do for themselves and their communities to prepare. The first webinar in the series was held on April 27th and focused on climate disruption and food security. It included a screening of Our Farmers in Flux: Adapting to Climate Change, a short documentary by Shira Evergreen and Uplifted Ithaca, and a panel discussion with regional organic farmers. View the recording of the Climate Disruption & Food Security webinar on the Sustainable Finger Lakes YouTube channel.

To learn more, contact Sarah Nickerson at [email protected] or call 607-279-3573.