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Social Security: $1,657 checks going out TODAY

Today is a Social Security check payment day, which means millions of Americans will soon see payments worth $1,657 hitting their account.

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Those born between the 11th and 20th of any given month who collect Social Security will be getting their benefit today.

The average check was worth $1,565 in 2021, but thanks to the 5.9% COLA increase for 2022, it was boosted around $92.

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Couples receiving Social Security see an average of $2,753, up from $2,599.

The max amount that any person can see from the SSA is $4,194 in 2022.

Wednesday, May 25 will be the next benefit check. This is for recipients with birthdays between the 21st and 31st of any month.

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How much does everyone get in Social Security?

What you’re paid depends on how much you earned while working and the age you claimed benefits.

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Many choose to retire early, which can cost you up to 30% of your full benefits.

The earliest you can retire is age 62. Your full retirement age of 66-67 will give you 100% of your benefits.

Putting it off until age 70 will boost your benefits, and that will give you more than your full benefit.

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