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FRESH TAKES: Moving on Up (podcast)

It’s an all-new fresh edition of Fresh Takes with Russo and Felice. Paul Russo and Nick Felice are in the studio to dive into the NBA playoffs as they enter the conference finals round. In the east, Miami cruised past Philadelphia and Boston went the distance to down Milwaukee. Paul and Nick discuss important moments from those series and the impact they have in the match-up ahead. Out west, Golden State returned to playoff form and ousted Memphis, while Dallas came from behind to upset Phoenix. The guys talk about what to look for in the series as well as Chris Paul’s legacy with another playoff exit.

The Masked Singer has its season finale this week and in the finals are Firefly, Ringermaster, and Prince. Paul and Nick offer their thoughts on the newsworthy season and predict who will win on Wednesday night. They wrap up the podcast with a little MLB talk as we had a no-hit team win over the weekend and the season reaching the quarter-way mark already.

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