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Stimulus: $800 payments possible with $300 billion dollar budget

A proposed budget worth $300 billion dollars could benefit millions of California residents with up to $800 stimulus payments.

stimulus check some residents in California could see to offset gas prices

If the budget passes, funding would be set aside to help with climate change, healthcare, education, and infrastructure.

There will also be $18.1 billion to go directly to residents in the form of a stimulus payment.

Who could see the stimulus payments?

The stimulus payment is a tax rebate and many car owners can see up to $800 each.

Every registered driver in the state of California can get $400 per registered vehicle for up to 2 vehicles.

There were 27 million registered drivers in the state in 2020.

These state residents could see $5,500

This budget still needs to pass before residents can expect the direct payments.

The stimulus payments are an attempt to help offset the spike in gas prices in the state.

The goal is to have this approved by spring so residents can start to save money on gas.

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