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Seneca Falls FACS teacher receives NYSAFCSE Finger Lakes East Teacher of the Year

On Tuesday, May 10, 2022, Mrs. Lindsay Willson received the NYSAFCSE Finger Lakes East Teacher of the Year award. NYSAFCSE is the professional association for Family and Consumer Sciences educators in New York. Mrs. Willson has been teaching in the Seneca Falls school district for 14 years. She teaches Family and Consumer Science (FACS) and Health Education. The FACS curriculum covers many important topics from psychology to food and nutrition to all of life’s basic skills. The curriculum is taught at both the middle and high school levels.

Mrs. Willson was recognized among her peers in the Finger Lakes Region because of the outstanding work she does with and for our students and staff. She is creative, engaging, compassionate, and truly teaches to the ‘Whole Child’. The FACS curriculum is important to preparing adolescents for life, but Mrs. Willson’s approach, passion, and overall love for teaching allow her to go beyond the curriculum and make strong connections with students and support their social and emotional growth as well. She is an outstanding role model, educator, and colleague. She is beyond deserving of this award.

Mrs. Willson was nominated by her colleague, Dana Colvin, who teaches FACS at Seneca Falls Middle School. Mrs. Colvin received letters of recommendation from Mrs. Lewis, Mynderse Academy principal, and Mrs. Verkey, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Assessment, and Professional Development.

Mrs. Lewis wrote:
Lindsay is one of those teachers that others strive to be like. She runs a student-centered classroom where students have a voice in what and how they learn. Lindsay is innovative in her use of the equipment and resources. She is always looking for ways to improve her craft and student engagement.

Mrs. Verkey wrote:

Building engaging, student-centered curriculum has been a focused and ongoing task for Lindsay this school year. She is side by side with her students, assessing their needs and interests and adjusting curriculum to enhance their learning experiences. Lindsay is dedicated to providing students the skills and strategies they need to be successful as independent community members.

The Seneca Falls school district applauds Mrs. Willson for her achievement and thanks her for all that she does for and with students and her colleagues. The District is fortunate to have her as a member of the team.