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State approves second round of cannabis cultivator licenses

The New York State Cannabis Control Board (CCB) approved an additional 36 adult-use cannabis cultivator licenses on Thursday.

The CCB is part of the state Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) and serves as the main regulating body for New York’s growing recreational cannabis industry. The board approved 56 conditional cannabis grower licenses mid-April, bringing the total tally of legal recreational hemp growers in NYS to just under one hundred following the board’s second round of licensing on Thursday, May 5.

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Licensed growing operations in the Finger Lakes

The state opted to roll out cannabis cultivator licenses ahead of retail licenses so hemp farmers could take advantage of this year’s growing season. The state’s second round of adult-use cannabis conditional cultivator licenses included one given to a business out of Monroe County called MDCAPMD LLC, according to WROC.

The first round of grower licenses included the following local businesses:

  • Canadice Farm LLC, Ontario County
  • Grateful Valley Farm, LLC, Steuben County
  • Enfield Glen Hopyard LLC, Tompkins County
  • Honest Pharmco Inc., Wayne County
  • Timothy G. Hunter, Wayne County

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When will NYS issue more licenses?

Officials with the OCM say they will continue to review applications on a rolling basis. The deadline to submit growing license applications is June 30, 2022. To be clear, all growing licenses issued thus far were to New York hemp farmers already growing cannabinoid hemp. They have not been issued to newly-formed prospective growing operations.

“These 36 new licensees are helping create the foundation of a safe, equitable industry built as they grow the cannabis that will line the shelves of dispensaries owned by justice-involved entrepreneurs later this year,” said CCB chair Tremaine Wright.

Click here for a full list of adult-use conditional cultivators approved at the board’s meeting on Thursday.

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