Are you eligible for the one-time payment of $250 from the child tax rebate?

Connecticut families will see a $250 rebate if the budget proposal can make it through one more step.

child tax credit payment

The money would be from child tax credits.

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How much is the rebate?

Connecticut has a budget surplus, and because of this they plan to distribute tax rebates. If passed, rebates could start around July 1. Read more about it here.

The rebate checks will be $250. However, for every $1,000 that the parent’s income is above a certain level there will a 10% reduction. Taxpayers will need to file an application with the Commissioner of Revenue Services. The deadline to apply  is July 31, 2022  in order to claim the rebate.

These dates or other factors could change. It is also a possibility that the bill does not pass.

Families can claim up to $2,000 in support, depending on income level. Each child under the age of 17 will qualify you for $2,000. Married couples earning up to $400,000, and head of household earning up to  $200,000 will qualify.

$750 payments- but only if you have a specific job