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Target: A chef’s secret ingredient

Targets golden cooking ingredient

Targets $3 butter

Who isn’t always on the look for an ingredient to spice up their meals?

A chef said this Target item does the trick!

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Target Item

When it comes to cooking we all have something that we can’t leave out of a recipe.

Whether it’s seasoning or a herb we all have something we always reach for.

But what do you do when the recipe feels like it’s missing something?

Have you ever wished you could just buy a fix-all ingredient that will go with every recipe?

Well according to this chef Target might have the answer to all of our prayers.

Strangely enough, odds are you might already have it.

This chef says the reason food tastes so good when you eat out is because of butter.

Butter is in almost every dish when you eat out and it sounds like there might be more than you expected.

That’s the reason why when you’re at a fancy restaurant you might not see a calory count next to your favorite dish.

An Italian cook even said “more butter, more cream, fewer problems.”

And according to an article written by The Sun butter is only $3 at Target.

Who would have thought the simplest ingredient is the one we need the most.

Even though it’s not the healthiest option when it comes to cooking ingredients.

If they use it in large amounts at the restaurants why can’t we use it in our kitchens?