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Odor issues, signage, and comprehensive plan included in Seneca Falls Town Board meeting

During this week’s Seneca Falls Town Board Meeting, the Town opened with an acknowledgment of the sewer and gas smell on Route 414. Town Supervisor Mike Ferrara said the Water and Sewer department had been up there most of the day and is still trying to diagnose the issue. The Town has been in contact with Seneca Meadows, but the Town was still investigating the matter last night. For the time being, SMI will be halting leachate from entering the treatment system.


During public comment, resident Kierstin Shimmel addressed the Town regarding vulgarity on political signage on private property on Routes 5&20. She believed that the sign was up 30 days past the election and that it was not appropriate due to its visibility and vulgarity.

Ferrara noted that the sign had been an issue raised several times over the past two years, but there is a fine line involving the freedom of speech but that the Town was looking into it. In June, the zoning and planning committees intend to address proposed local laws for signage, which could establish some regulations around these issues.

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

Comprehensive Plan

Councilmember Churchill asked about the Town Comprehensive Plan. The notion was raised earlier in the year, and Churchill stated he still believed the Town should continue with this process.

Ferrara stated he had researched the matter, reaching out to two different firms for an estimated cost. The MRB Group indicated that it would depend on the scope and sequence and can cost the Town upwards of $40,000. Ferrara asked if they wanted to hold off on the discussion until the 2023 budget talks, in which Churchill stated that while the Town is updating codes and regulations, they need to have a Comprehensive Plan in place for the new codes to align.

Ferrara said he would put out an ad for an RFP, and then the Town could vote on whether or not to pursue it. He will bring the information back to the Board for a possible vote next month.

Spring Brush Pick Up

Residents can leave their lawn debris and brush curbside for pickup on May 23, 2022.


Councilmember Sinicropi brought back a report for the Solid Waste Committee. He stated that resident disposal of organic compost at the highway department is not seeing a lot of traction. A postcard program that could cost $1700 and some social media outreach encouraging residents to compost are being discussed, along with supplying five-gallon buckets at the local public markets for residents to utilize.

Electrical to Water Fountain

In 2021 the Town Board was not in favor of supplying a permanent electric supply to the water fountain donated by the Canal Corporation, for it would have cost approximately $33,000. Last night, the Board approved soliciting donations to cover the cost as a first step.


  • The closing for 115 Fall Street is scheduled to take place on May 10
  • The Town Attorney Patrick Morrell is still in discussions with the buyer’s attorney for the 60 State Street property

Veterans Bridge

The Town approved the transfer of funds for the Veterans Bridge repairs. The bridge is flagged by the Department of Transportation each year. Around $40,000 from the contingency fund will move to the bridge fund, which currently has $106,258. The Town will use the funds to repair the expansion joists, which will result in the bridge being closed for 1-2 weeks this year.


  • The Town appointed Frank Sinicropi to the Heritage Preservation Commission Board of Directors.
  • A resolution passed to fill the vacant Motor Equipment Operator Light Position.
  • Resignation of Eric Matthews, Labor, was accepted.
  • Approval for the Zoning Officer, Planning, and ZBA members to attend a Local Government Workshop in Batavia on May 13, 2022
  • Increase of salary for the Water and Sewer Account Manager, Sarah Wright, of $3.00 per hour, for a provisional promotion to assist with the transition following the retirement of Beverly Warfel

DRI Grant

The Board approved the resolution for the MRB Group to Administer the DRI Grant.


The Board will begin advertising Requests for Proposals for a contractor to complete the Water Meter Replacement Project. The advertisement will be out at the end of the week and published for two weeks.


The Town will trade in a 2016 Ferris Zero-Turn mower for a John Deere tractor. The mower came with a bad weld which caused the frame to split. They will receive $4700 for the old equipment and will put forth another $8530 to purchase the tractor. The cost to repair the Feris would have been approximately $3500.


The Board approved the annual NYSEG Excavation Permit.