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NY Responsible Play Partnership, del Lago Resort & Casino team up to promote responsible gaming

The New York State Gaming Commission, New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) and New York Council on Problem Gambling, which together comprise New York’s Responsible Play Partnership (RPP), today came together with executive leadership at del Lago Resort & Casino in Waterloo to discuss steps being taken to address problem gambling.

Gaming Commission Executive Director Robert Williams debuted signage featuring the industry’s first-ever Quick Response (QR) Code to connect problem gamblers with trained problem gambling clinicians where they live, in real time.

Executive Director Williams said, “As the gaming arena continues to expand across New York State, the Commission and our partners are committed to making gaming safe and responsible for all. We are united in working together to make sure that individuals who need help have access to the necessary tools and resources in a timely manner.”

Once scanned, the QR Code automatically links users to the Council on Problem Gambling’s website (, which provides access to a network of Regional Problem Gambling Resource Centers supported by OASAS. The QR Code is available on advertising and promotional materials issued by the Gaming Commission and its licensees. Applications include New York Lottery scratch-off tickets, promotional screens at nearly 15,000 Lottery retail outlets statewide, mobile sports wagering promotional mailings, complementary messaging on all 18+ age verification signage posted at horse racing tracks, and digital signage found on the gaming floor at video lottery gaming facilities and commercial casinos.

OASAS Commissioner Chinazo Cunningham said, “When an individual makes the decision to get help for gambling problems, it is essential that a treatment connection is made quickly. The QR code is an innovative approach to connecting individuals to specially trained outpatient and inpatient treatment programs and private practitioners, throughout the state. OASAS is pleased to be a member of the Responsible Play Partnership, as we work to ensure that all New Yorkers who gamble do it responsibly, and know where to get help if they need it.”

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Since its launch in January, the QR code has logged more than 3,400 total scans and more than 900 unique scans.

The RPP continues to explore ways to harness technology to bring immediate and lasting help to those who need it.

Council Executive Director Maney shared, “In the 10th year of the RPP’s unprecedented collaboration, it is fitting that we focus on raising awareness of safety measures to protect NYers and celebrate the advancements we’ve made in connecting those in need to care.  We look forward to next steps in the evolution of problem gambling prevention in NYS.”

The Council maintains a network of regional Problem Gambling Resource Centers (PGRCs), including the Western PGRC to provide services that raise awareness of the risks of problem gambling and advocate for those in need.

Western PGRC Program Manager Angela DiRosa said, “Ensuring that all New Yorkers are aware of the potential risks related to gambling as well as how and where to get help if gambling becomes a problem is more important than ever. Leveraging technology like the QR Code is another way to remove barriers to problem gambling screening, intervention, and treatment, and reduces the stigma associated with seeking those services.”

In addition to the support provided by the Western PGRC, del Lago partners with other regional resources to maintain awareness about problem gambling and promote the benefits of responsible play.

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“Responsible gaming is one of del Lago’s foundational pillars as we abide by the highest standards to serve our communities safely,” stated James McCormack, Vice President of Security, del Lago Resort & Casino. “We are committed to our partnership with the Seneca County Department of Mental Health and New York’s Responsible Play Partnership to not only bring light to these very important issues but to coordinate responsible gaming efforts as well.”

Seneca County Community Counseling Center Prevention and Treatment Program Director Tammy Orlopp said, “As access to gambling continues to expand post legalization, Seneca County is honored to be partnered with Del Lago as we focus on delivering responsible gaming information and education, as well as, ensuring access to treatment and recovery support opportunities.”

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