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What does the 50th anniversary of the legislation mean for students?

The 50th anniversary of the landmark legislation Title IX recently means that things have changed quite a bit in the eyes of the law. The legislation of Title XI was brought about to prevent and prohibit sex-based discrimination by educational institutions and it went on to create a shift in how educational institutions viewed gender, discrimination, and gender roles. It led to a wide variety of changes within educational institutions of the United States, prompted by the good work of many Title IX lawyers.

What Happened Then

It was then-President Richard M. Nixon who signed the legislation that would go on to become the Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. The law brought all educational institutions, their programs, and other activities that were receiving federal funding to protect students based on their gender and sex. At that time of history, women did not get equal access to education as the men got and this legislation was supposed to bring more equality in the same.

The law laid down that sex-based discrimination of any kind was prohibited in all educational institutions that were getting federal funding. In fact, the law was considered so important that many hailed it as the most important one after women got the right to vote in the United States.

Women’s Athletics Got a Boost

When the legislation was laid down, there was a huge amount of participation from women in sports and athletics. Before this, there were no championships or competitions that were held for women at all. But after this, many started to promote women in sports.

Physical Activities Increased 

Another thing that this law brought into implementation was that physical activities for women got a big boost. While it was not encouraged before the law, educational institutions started promoting women’s physical activities much more.

What is Happening Now

50 years of the legislation has brought about an immense change in how America looks at women and their education. Here are some changes that the law has brought about:

Sexual Harassment: In educational institutions, sexual harassment is now being spoken up about clearly and loudly. The U.S. Department of Education has laid down regulations that determine exactly how a school or any other educational institution must handle cases of sexual harassment or sexual assault. Apart from these important regulations, many other guide materials were also given out to educational institutions so that they did a better job at handling cases of sexual harassment.

Prevents Sex-Based Discrimination: Title IX has now become to be known as the legislation that prevents sex-based discrimination for admission, as well as gaining employment in educational institutions. Athletics and financial assistance are other aspects where such discrimination is prohibited. No matter what anyone’s gender identity or sexual orientation is, he or she will have full access to all classes and educational activities.

The best thing about Title IX is that as a law it is constantly evolving to meet the needs and aspirations of the dynamic society that is the United States.


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