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Tropicana Crunch: Will it be released?

Will Tropicana Crunch hit the shelves?

Tropicana Crunch cereal. Photos sourced from

You may have heard the rumors of a Tropicana Crunch cereal coming to stores near you.

In this article we will answer all the questions.

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Tropicana Crunch

This cereal is different from something we’ve ever seen before in the world of breakfast.

Normally you’d pair your cereal with milk.

But not this kind.

This cereal is made to be served in orange juice.

Yes you read that correctly, orange juice.

This would make it some almost everyone could enjoy a bowl a cereal since milk would be out of the picture.

It was first debuted in a post on Tropicana’s Instagram.

In April, 2022.

And ever since fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting for this to make an appearance in stores.

And if that is you then here is your answer.

Will this cereal be in stores?

Stated in an article by The Sun the answer is no.

But if you go to the Tropicana Crunch Website to sign up for a free box on May 4th.

Which just so happens to be national Orange juice day.

Sign up time will start at 9 a.m. and go until they run out of boxes.

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