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Stimulus: There will be $800 payments this summer

Millions of Americans in one state will soon be able to collect stimulus payments worth $800.

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Colorado residents will be able to claim the tax rebate.

3.1 million residents are expected to benefit from the move.

The state is trying to help individuals handle the burdens caused by inflation.

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Who qualifies for the tax rebate?

Those qualifying must be Colorado residents full time.

Anyone who filed their 2021 state tax return by May 31, 2022 will be eligible.

The payments are expected to be sent in August or September of this year.

In addition to stimulus payments, universal Pre-K will be starting for residents.

Stimulus: Checks worth up to $800 available to some this summer

Other stimulus opportunities for Americans

Maine, Illinois, and Delaware are all sending stimulus payments out.

In Maine, 850,000 residents will see payments worth $850 as early as June.

In order to qualify, a single filer can’t make over $100,000, a head of household filer can’t make over $150,000, and a joint filer can’t make over $200,000.

Illinois residents are being sent $400 payments.

Residents in Delaware are expecting payments worth $600.

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