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Auburn school board candidates to participate in forum tonight

School board candidates for the Auburn Enlarged City School District will participate in a forum tonight at Cayuga Community College (CCC).

A forum co-sponsored by CCC and The Citizen will take place on Tuesday, May 3 at 3 p.m. The event will be livestreamed on the college’s YouTube channel. The Citizen reports that the paper’s Executive Director Jeremy Boyer will pose questions to the candidates while Guy Cosentino moderates.

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Who are the candidates?

Four seats are on the ballot, with only one incumbent- Danielle Wood- seeking reelection. Current board members William Andre and Jeff Gasper will not seek new terms. Their seats, along with the seat of former board member Joseph Shepard, who resigned in October 2021, are also open.

There are five candidates in the school board race: Wood, Francis Calarco, Rachel Czyz, Daniel Lovell and Jim Van Arsdale. The candidate will the fourth-highest vote will fill Shepard’s former seat on the board.

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When is the vote?

New Yorkers will cast their ballots on school board races, proposed budgets and public education plans on May 17.

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