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Chipotle: New menu item coming soon

Is their a new menu item coming to Chipotle?

Chipotle chain sign.

Chipotles CEO announced a new menu item may be launching soon.

And it might catch you by surprise.

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What is coming to Chipotle’s menu?

Chipotle is a wildly popular food stop.

Theirs is something on the menu for everyone from bowls to burritos.

In 2021 the chain had a great year and even launched new protein.

It’s look like the company will be launching even more items soon.

An article posted by Eat This, Not That states that Brian Niccol (CEO) said the brand is going to be working on a new item.


Many other food chains have popular dessert items.

Such as McDonald’s pie and Taco Bell Cinnabon delights.

So their is no question as to why Chipotle is now trying to add desserts to their menu.

In the past the chain has tested other dessert items.

Such as the Buñuelos and chocolate milkshakes.

Neither of which lasted for that long.

The Bunuelo’s are a cinnamon sugar tortilla chip served with a sauce for dipping.

After not be satisficed with sales the Buñuelo’s spot on the menu was short lived.

Keep an eye out for a new dessert item on the menu next time you go to Chipotle.

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