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Stimulus: 660,000 Americans with these jobs may see $750 payments

Stimulus payments among states and local governments are becoming more common, and in this latest proposal thousands could see checks.

cash that Americans could see from a stimulus payment in Minnesota

The 660,000 people lined up to potentially get a check are people with specific jobs in Minnesota.

The proposal is $500 million in direct payments to frontline workers and small businesses.

The proposal was passed by the Minnesota Senate but still needs the signature of the governor.

$2.7 billion dollars could also go to the state’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund to bring it back up to where it was before the pandemic.

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$1,400 checks going to thousands

How to get the stimulus payment

Those eligible will need to apply if the stimulus payments are passed.

If everyone eligible submits an application then the checks will be around $750.

The amount could increase with interest.

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Jobs that will be eligible for the stimulus payment

  • Long-term care and home care
  • Health care
  • Emergency responders
  • Public health, social service and regulatory service
  • Courts and corrections
  • Child care
  • Schools: charter, state and higher education
  • Food service: production, processing, preparation, sale and delivery
  • Retail: sales, fulfillment, distribution and delivery
  • Temporary shelters and hotels
  • Building services: maintenance, janitorial and security
  • Public transit
  • Ground and air transportation services
  • Manufacturing
  • Vocational rehabilitation
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