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Ecoplus Fuel Saver reviews 2022: USA and Canada update | Who really needs Eco Plus Fuel Saver?

Ecoplus Review: With the persisting change in the nation’s economy, and the constant rise in the costs of petroleum, it has always been quite so difficult to alleviate the financial situation of a single household. Nowadays, Even middle-class families that have been known to maintain their income throughout the COVID-19 pandemic have had to find other means to sustain themselves through this difficult period.

The thought of spending extra money on petroleum to power a vehicle seems to be one of the most expensive things to do in our time. The sudden hike in the current price of petroleum is quite alarming and it took everyone off guard, and it appears the vehicles consume more than they did before, this has caused the petroleum bills in many households to increase without a relevant increase in their basic salaries.

What is Ecoplus?(EcoPlus Reviews USA)

Ecoplus is an all season fuel saving technology. This technology goes beyond other groundbreaking advanced technology. Ecoplus remaps your car ECU to optimize fuel consumption according to your driving habits.

Ecoplus is an advanced technology that helps you save money on gas pumps. Depending on your driving habits, Ecoplus fuel saving helps you save up to 15 percent of your fuel.

Ecoplus is a plug drive. This ready device functions as a fuel reducing technology that is beneficial to your economy and also lowers the amount of toxins emissions released into the atmosphere which is beneficial to the world.

How is works (EcoPlus Reviews USA)

EcoPlus is a chip tuning box that can be plugged into the OBD2 connector of your car to reduce fuel consumption. It works based on OBD2 protocols as remapping the Car’s computer ECU.

When it is plugged into the OBD2 connector, EcoPlus receives the information from the car computer ECU.

With the received data from ECU, EcoPlus adjusts the boost pressure, the quantity of fuel, injection timing, and pressure to increase the performance of your car.

How to use Ecoplus(Eco Plus Reviews USA)

This all season fuel saving technology with all its plethora appealing benefits is very easy to use as well as install.

Pull the car key out of the ignition. Go ahead and find the OBDs connector ( instructions on how to locate your OBDs are provided below) in your car  and plug EcoPlus into the OBD2 connector of your car. You insert the key into the ignition and twist the key to the first stage (Do not start the car).

Press the reset button for about a second. After releasing the button, just wait for a while for about 30 – 54 seconds ( Ecoplus will communicate and establish a connection with your vehicle ECU) and then turn the engine on. EcoPlus settings are optimal and different for each vehicle; there might not be a need to make an additional adjustment.

EcoPlus will recognize your vehicle and your driving habits after around 150 miles (200 km) driving, and then EcoPlus adjusts itself to match your car perfectly for more fuel saving.

Where to locate your OBDs Connector in your car(Eco Plus Reviews USA)

Locating the OBDs in your vehicles varies according to the vehicle’s model and brand.

1) Driver’s side, underneath the dashboard, in the area under the steering wheel column

2) Driver’s side, underneath the dashboard, between the drive side  door and the steering wheel column area.

3) Driver’s side, underneath the dashboard, between the steering wheel column area and the center console

4) Driver’s side, dashboard instrument/gauge area, between the steering wheel column and the center console.

5) Driver’s side, dashboard instrument/gauge area, between the drive side door and the steering wheel column.

6) Center console, vertical surface left of the vehicle centerline.

7) Center console, vertical surface right of vehicle centerline or passenger side of center console.

8) Center console, horizontal surface in front passenger area.

9) Passenger’s side, under the lower left side of the glow compartment.

 Pros and Cons of Ecoplus (EcoPlus Reviews USA)


  • it is eco-friendly
  • it is safe
  • It helps you save about 15%
  • it is barely visible
  • it is small and lightweight
  • it requires zero maintenance
  • it is very easy to use
  • it helps you consume less Fuel
  • It enhances your vehicle ECU
  • it helps boost your vehicle horsepower
  • it is strong and compatible
  • it has fast shipping and door-to-door free delivery service
  • it comes with 50 % discount on sales per unit
  • it comes with a 3 years warranty
  • it comes with a 30 days money back guarantee
  • it comes with no extra hidden fees


  • it comes in Limited supply
  • it can not be found in the convenience store
  • it can only be purchased at their official website. The link has been attached to help direct you to their official website where you can shop easily and avoid imitations and fakes.


Where it can be bought(Eco Plus reviews USA)

Unfortunately, The Eco plus fuel consumption saver, can not be sold in local convenience stores. However, this limited supply fuel saver can only be purchased on their official website. Why? There are numerous benefits to enjoy when you order from their official website, you get to order the original Ecoplus and not imitations from fraudsters, you get to enjoy a 50% discount on sales per unit not just the, you get a free delivery to your doorstep.

There is no hassle when you want to make a return If you are not satisfied with your new EcoPlus, its 30 days money back guarantee makes it possible for you to return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

It also comes with a fast shipping and delivery service that almost 90% of their customers receive their purchase within 2 weeks after they have placed their orders and there are no hidden fees. It comes with a security guarantee that makes it possible for you to make almost every payment method.and all payments are encrypted and safe.

The link to their official website has been attached, this will direct you to the Ecoplus shopping website where you can find all their amazing offers and shop with ease.

Prices of Ecoplus/Quantity

1× Ecoplus = $39.99 50% saved with free delivery

2×Ecoplus = $69.98 ($34.99/each) 60% saved with free delivery

3× Ecoplus = $82.95 ($27.65/each) 70% saved with free delivery

4× Ecoplus = $99.40 ($24.85/each) 75% saved with free delivery


Frequently asked Questions (EcoPlus review USA)

Would the device be compatible with my car?

Sure, as long as it has the On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD2) port. The Ecoplus is compatible with all cars that were made after 1996, because they were made with this port in them, and cars produced in Europe came with this feature after 2001. You can easily install the EcoPlus by plugging it into the OBD2 port.

Is it suitable for both diesel and gasoline engines?

Absolutely Yes. This all season fuel saving is designed to affect the amount of fuel a car intakes, despite the type of fuel used.

Will my car’s warranty be affected?

No. EcoPlus is a safe device and  will not affect your car’s warranty nor will it cause any damage to your car.

Can it be transferred to another car?

Because EcoPlus is a universal-fit product that requires no set-up and zero maintenance, you can easily transfer it between cars.

Will it affect the computer of my car?

No. EcoPlus does not affect your car’s wiring or ICU.

Will it remain on even if the engine is turned off?

No, EcoPlus works with your car. This means that it only works when the engine is on.

Can it affect my battery and cause it to run down?

Obsoletely No, While EcoPlus is plugged into your battery as it runs on electricity, it is controlled by the ignition. When the ignition is off, EcoPlus remains in standby mode, which uses no more electricity than the electronic clock on your dashboard.

The final verdict (EcoPlus reviews USA)

Ecoplus fuel saving technology is not a magical chip that will instantly save fuel. Its true value rests in its ability to help you reduce your fuel consumption and cut cost but that is solely dependent on your driving habits. This fuel saving technology helps you remap your car ECU system to optimize fuel consumption.

The EcoPlus tuning box does not exceed the manufacturer’s requirements. It works only within the tolerance of the engine. It simply optimizes fuel consumption according to your driving style. The results might vary from case to case but it optimizes fuel consumption to a minimum level.



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