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Geneva couple to expand FLCC scholarship

In 2021, Matt and Santa Abraham created a scholarship with the Finger Lakes Community College Foundation called The Geneva High School Alumni Scholarship. This scholarship is to help a Geneva graduate alleviate some financial hardship to be able to attend FLCC.

“We wanted to do something to help someone pursue their dreams.” Said Matt Abraham. “As a product of the Geneva City School District and now a Kindergarten teacher and coach for the district, I take great pride in Geneva and want to help.”

“We are excited to participate in FLCC’s Laker Day of Giving on May 5th.” Said Santa Abraham. “Our goal is to reach out to the Geneva community to challenge them to help us raise money to expand the scholarship. We will match up to $1,000. Donors can give on a personalized website for the scholarship and donations are tax deductible.”

Last year’s recipient, 2020 graduate Aaron Brooks said “I was very fortunate to have been selected for the scholarship. It helped lift some financial tuition burden and was able to buy some books.”

The only limitation the scholarship has is the candidate has to have graduated from Geneva High School. The Abraham’s didn’t want to limit the number of graduates who could apply for it. They wanted to keep it open no matter what year someone graduated.

Santa, who is involved with a variety of organizations in Geneva, said “If 20 people donate $50 each, we’ll reach our goal of being able to provide a scholarship to one more person. We hope to make this scholarship sustainable for many years.”

To donate, visit HERE.