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IAED President Heather McDaniel appointed Chair of Air Service Board

On April 18, Ithaca Area Economic Development (IAED) President Heather McDaniel was appointed to lead the Tompkins County Air Service Board (ASB), an advisory group to the Ithaca Tompkins International Airport (ITH). She will serve as ASB’s sixth elected chair, behind Larry Baum, whose term expired.
“I am honored to step into this role at this critical juncture for ITH as we help to navigate the post-pandemic environment,” shared McDaniel. “I look forward to working with the board and airport administration to strengthen and expand service that meets the needs of our community.”
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The ASB is the successor to the Air Service Task Force, which was founded in 1997 by IAED, Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce, and Tompkins County Airport (as it was then known). It is now a formal advisory committee of the Tompkins County Legislature and supports key functions of the airport including marketing, forecasting, and air carrier relationships. The mission of the ASB is to ensure reliable and affordable air service for residents and employers of the county and region.
Of McDaniel assuming her new role with ASB, ITH Airport Director Roxan Noble stated, “We are thrilled for Heather to chair the ASB. Her incredible leadership skills coupled with her passion for our community have made her an invaluable asset to the group.” Noble added, “We would also like to thank Larry Baum for his many years of service to the ASB and his continued support of providing exceptional service to our traveling public.”

“It’s been an honor to serve as chair of the ASB board during the past several years,” said Baum. “A lot has been accomplished including the renovation of the ITH terminal and adding international capability. The last two years have been particularly challenging during the pandemic with the reduction in airline travel and now rebuilding and expanding the number of passengers flying to and from Ithaca.”
The terminal was renovated in 2019 and features four passenger boarding bridges, two ground gates, a Military Room, a pet relief area, a playground, and “The Legacy”, a locally owned restaurant with unique southern-inspired menu offeringsITH is a key economic driver serving Cornell University, Ithaca College, and the larger Tompkins County community offering direct flights on three major airlines to hubs that provide connections to over 750 global destinations.