Shoppers at Walmart and Dollar General overcharged- can you get a refund?

Shoppers at Walmart and Dollar general have been overcharged because of price-scanner errors.


Stores in the affected state have been fined.

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What is happening?

In North Carolina, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service (DOACS) has fined stores that have been overcharging customers. The overcharging happened because of an error with price scanners. Read more about it here.

Most retail stores have the prices downloaded digitally from a coperate office and then the employees manually change the price tags on the shelf.

Because inflation is rising, a company that might change around 1,000-2,000 shelf tags may now require 10,000-20,000 changes in a week. This increases the risk that customers will face price-scanner errors.

Check your receipts in comparison to the price on the shelf to make sure you’re paying the right amount. If you’ve been overcharged from one of the stores below and still have the receipt you might qualify for a refund.

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What happens next?

The DOACS conducts inspections of price scanner systems unannounced. They are looking for accuracy between advertised prices and what scans at the register.

If retailers fail a follow-up inspection, they will be fined. These occur 60 days after the initial inspection.

If you have any other price error concerns, you can file a complaint to North Carolina’s Standard Division at 984-236-4750.

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