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WORK WEEK FORECAST: Temperatures tumble, but after threat of storms today forecast stays dry

The big weather story this week is going to be the up-and-down nature of temperatures. But, it’s spring, and according to Storm Trackers Team Forecaster Joshua Pan, things should stay largely calm despite that rollercoaster.

In the short-term, there’s a ‘slight’ risk for thunderstorms this afternoon. Pan says that areas along Lake Ontario are most-likely to see stronger storms- should they have the chance to develop.

Temperatures will once again top out between 75-80 with it feeling more like late-spring or early-summer than April.

As a cold front approaches, a couple hours of moderate to heavy rain is expected for most in the Finger Lakes.

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Cold front ushers in major change

Temperatures will struggle to crack 40 degrees in many locations by Wednesday. It will be a major shift from the 75-80 recorded on Sunday, and felt later today.

After the precipitation on Monday though the forecast looks mostly dry. So, despite it being 20+ degrees cooler than what the region saw over the last couple days- it shouldn’t be too troublesome on the precipitation front.

“After the Monday night cold front passage, the weather should remain fairly quiet at least until the weekend,” Pan said.

Thunderstorms a concern for lake activity today

Pan says isolated thunderstorms during the afternoon hours could briefly produce heavy rain, lightning, and gusty winds where they form. Combine this with persistent westerly winds of 10-20 mph or greater and wave action on Lake Ontario will be tough through Wednesday.

The significantly cooler temperatures will also make activity outdoors, or on the region’s lakes less enjoyable Tuesday and Wednesday.

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