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USPS: Mail and packages may be slower next week

If you’re waiting for a package to be delivered by USPS next week, you may see an unexpected delay in its delivery date.

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There will be some changes happening in upcoming months for the USPS that can impact delivery times.

The announcement was made on April 18 that the delivery time would take longer for around one third of the small, lightweight packages.

Right now the USPS delivers 80% of its first class packages and relies on air transport.

Stamps are changing- Here’s what to expect

A major change that needs to happen is a reduction in the use of contracted air networks.

Going slower will let trains and vehicles deliver more mail for the USPS.

Another change is ensuring delivery trucks are filled every time they leave.

The changes will start Sunday, May 1.

Sen. Schumer calls for $50B overhaul of USPS

First class mail prices are going up .02 cents, or 6.5%.

The most recent change was from .55 cents to .58 cents.

Starting July 10 there will be a new price of .60 cents.

USPS will be taking away the extra day for priority mail ground deliveries that was put into place for COVID-19.

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